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Directory /src/github.com/go-kit

Name Synopsis
circuitbreaker Package circuitbreaker implements the circuit breaker pattern.
endpoint Package endpoint defines an abstraction for RPCs.
log Package log provides a structured logger.
level Package level implements leveled logging on top of package log.
term Package term provides tools for logging to a terminal.
metrics Package metrics provides a framework for application instrumentation.
discard Package discard provides a no-op metrics backend.
dogstatsd Package dogstatsd provides a DogStatsD backend for package metrics.
expvar Package expvar provides expvar backends for metrics.
generic Package generic implements generic versions of each of the metric types.
graphite Package graphite provides a Graphite backend for metrics.
influx Package influx provides an InfluxDB implementation for metrics.
multi Package multi provides adapters that send observations to multiple metrics simultaneously.
prometheus Package prometheus provides Prometheus implementations for metrics.
provider Package provider provides a factory-like abstraction for metrics backends.
statsd Package statsd provides a StatsD backend for package metrics.
teststat Package teststat provides helpers for testing metrics backends.
sd Package sd provides utilities related to service discovery.
consul Package consul provides subscriber and registrar implementations for Consul.
dnssrv Package dnssrv provides a subscriber implementation for DNS SRV records.
etcd Package etcd provides a Subscriber and Registrar implementation for etcd.
lb Package lb implements the client-side load balancer pattern.
zk Package zk provides subscriber and registrar implementations for ZooKeeper.
tracing Package tracing provides helpers and bindings for distributed tracing.
opentracing Package opentracing provides Go kit integration to the OpenTracing project.
transport Package transport contains bindings to concrete transports.
grpc Package grpc provides a gRPC binding for endpoints.
http Package http provides a general purpose HTTP binding for endpoints.
httprp Package httprp provides an HTTP reverse-proxy transport.
conn Package conn provides utilities related to connections.