ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

What's included in ActiveGo?

ActiveGo includes a comprehensive set of packages and utilities for Go development.

Go standard library

The ActiveGo distribution includes all of the core packages for the Go language. For more information, see the Standard library documentation.

Go sub-repository packages

The sub-repository packages that provide important functionality, but are not included in the core packages, are also included:

  • crypto: additional cryptography packages
  • images: additional imaging package
  • net: additional networking packages
  • text: packages for working with text
  • tools: godoc, goimports, gorename, and other tools
  • oauth2: packages for making OAuth2 authorized and authenticated HTTP requests
  • sys: packages for making system calls
  • tour:'s implementation

Go community packages

The open-source community packages that add powerful capabilities to the Go language to accelerate your development.

Big data

  • gocql: Driver for Apache Cassandra
  • mgo: Driver for MongoDB
  • sarama: Client library for Apache Kafka

Database connectivity

Testing and error handling

  • assert: Extended core testing capabilities to write tests more easily with assertions.
  • errors: More robust error handling

Debugging and code quality

  • delve: Debugging
  • golint: Verifying code quality and printing out style mistakes

API and cloud development

Machine learning

Utilities available in ActiveGo

ActiveGo includes a number of precompiled command line utilites.

  • dlv: The Delve debugger for the Go programming language.
  • easyjson: A utility that provides a fast and easy way to marshal/unmarshal Go structs to/from JSON without the use of reflection.
  • gocode: An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language. For setup instructions, see
  • godef: Utility to print were symbols are defined in Go code
  • godoc: Utility for extracting and generating documentation for Go programs. It can be run in command line mode or as a webserver.
  • goimports: Utility that updates your Go import lines, adding missing ones and removing unreferenced ones.
  • golint: A linter utility for Go source code used to analyze code for potential errors.
  • gotext: A tool for managing text in Go source code.
  • gotour: A Tour of Go is an introduction to the Go programming language.
  • h2i: An interactive HTTP/2 console debugger
  • aebundler: Google App Engine utility used to turn a Go app into a fully self-contained tar file.
  • aedeploy: Google App Engine utility used to deploy App Engine "flexible environment" Go apps to production
  • aefix: Google App Engine utility for automating the upgrade to the packages from the bare appengine packages.
  • protoc-gen-go: A plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler to generate Go code.