appdash - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Command appdash

Command appdash runs the Appdash web UI from the command-line.

For information about Appdash see:

Demo mode

A demo of Appdash in a small web application can be ran by simply running:

appdash demo

Which will produce some output:

Appdash collector listening on tcp:46346
Appdash web UI running at http://localhost:8700

Appdash demo app running at http://localhost:8699

Visiting the demo app URL mentioned above will then bring up the demo app which will make a few fake API calls, and then give you a direct link to view the trace for your request in Appdash's web UI.

Serve mode

Basic usage consists of running:

appdash serve

Which will start a Appdash collector server running on TCP port 7701 in plain-text (i.e. insecure). The Appdash collector server can then receive information from your application via a appdash.NewRemoteCollector, which it will then display in the web UI.

The web UI is also ran on HTTP port 7700, which you could visit in a browser:


Optionally, you do not need to use this command at all and can embed the web UI into your application directly on a separate HTTP port (see the traceapp package or examples/cmd/webapp for more details).

Send mode

For testing purposes, the appdash command can send some fake data to a remote Appdash collector server by running:

appdash send -c="localhost:7701"