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Package codec

import ""

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Package codec is an interface for encoding messages

type Codec

Codec encodes/decodes various types of messages used within go-micro. ReadHeader and ReadBody are called in pairs to read requests/responses from the connection. Close is called when finished with the connection. ReadBody may be called with a nil argument to force the body to be read and discarded.

type Codec interface {
    ReadHeader(*Message, MessageType) error
    ReadBody(interface{}) error
    Write(*Message, interface{}) error
    Close() error
    String() string

type Message

Message represents detailed information about the communication, likely followed by the body. In the case of an error, body may be nil.

type Message struct {
    Id     uint64
    Type   MessageType
    Target string
    Method string
    Error  string
    Header map[string]string

type MessageType

type MessageType int
const (
    Error MessageType = iota

type NewCodec

Takes in a connection/buffer and returns a new Codec

type NewCodec func(io.ReadWriteCloser) Codec


Name Synopsis
protorpc Package proto is a generated protocol buffer package.