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page Parser Generator
tcldocstrip Tcl-based Docstrip Processor
nns Name service facility, Commandline Client Application
dtplite Lightweight DocTools Markup Processor
nnslog Name service facility, Commandline Logging Client Application
pt Parser Tools Application
nnsd Name service facility, Commandline Server Application
coroutine Coroutine based event and IO handling
coroutine::auto Automatic event and IO coroutine awareness
exif Tcl EXIF extracts and parses EXIF fields from digital images
sha1 SHA1 Message-Digest Algorithm
sha256 SHA256 Message-Digest Algorithm
doctools::idx::export::nroff nroff export plugin
doctools::idx::export::text plain text export plugin
doctools::idx::export::wiki wiki export plugin
doctools::msgcat::idx::en Message catalog for the docidx parser (EN)
doctools::idx::export::docidx docidx export plugin
doctools::idx::export::html HTML export plugin
doctools::idx::export Exporting keyword indices
doctools::msgcat::idx::fr Message catalog for the docidx parser (FR)
doctools::idx::export::json JSON export plugin
doctools::idx::import Importing keyword indices
doctools::idx::import::json JSON import plugin
doctools::msgcat::idx::de Message catalog for the docidx parser (DE)
doctools::msgcat::idx::c Message catalog for the docidx parser (C)
doctools2idx_introduction DocTools - Keyword indices
doctools::idx::parse Parsing text in docidx format
doctools::idx Holding keyword indices
doctools::idx::import::docidx docidx import plugin
doctools::idx::structure Docidx serialization utilities
uri URI utilities
uri_urn URI utilities, URN scheme
stooop Object oriented extension.
switched switch/option management.
tie Array persistence
tie Array persistence, standard data sources
debug::heartbeat debug narrative - heartbeat
debug::caller debug narrative - caller
debug::timestamp debug narrative - timestamping
debug debug narrative - core
treeql Query tree objects
tcl::chan::zero Zero channel
tcl::chan::string Read-only in-memory channel
tcl::chan::memchan In-memory channel
tcl::chan::textwindow Textwindow channel
tcl::chan::nullzero Null/Zero channel combination
tcl::chan::fifo In-memory fifo channel
tcl::chan::variable In-memory channel using variable for storage
tcl::chan::halfpipe In-memory channel, half of a fifo2
tcl::chan::random Random channel
tcl::chan::facade Facade channel
tcl::randomseed Utilities for random channels
tcl::chan::null Null channel
tcl::chan::fifo2 In-memory interconnected fifo channels
tcl::chan::cat Concatenation channel
tcl::chan::std Standard I/O, unification of stdin and stdout
grammar::me::cpu::gasm ME assembler
grammar::me_intro Introduction to virtual machines for parsing token streams
grammar::me_vm Virtual machine for parsing token streams
grammar::me_ast Various representations of ASTs
grammar::me::tcl Virtual machine implementation I for parsing token streams
grammar::me::util AST utilities
grammar::me::cpu Virtual machine implementation II for parsing token streams
grammar::me::cpu::core ME virtual machine state manipulation
picoirc Small and simple embeddable IRC client.
irc Create IRC connection and interface.
stringprep::data stringprep data tables, generated, internal
unicode::data unicode data tables, generated, internal
unicode Implementation of Unicode normalization
stringprep Implementation of stringprep
tcl::transform::core Basic reflected/virtual channel transform support
tcl::chan::events Event support for reflected/virtual channels
tcl::chan::core Basic reflected/virtual channel support
oo::util Utility commands for TclOO
png PNG querying and manipulation of meta data
units unit conversion
doctools::tcl::parse Processing text in 'subst -novariables' format
doctools::html::cssdefaults Default CSS style for HTML export plugins
doctools::msgcat Message catalog management for the various document parsers
doctools::nroff::man_macros Default CSS style for NROFF export plugins
rc4 Implementation of the RC4 stream cipher
SASL Implementation of SASL mechanisms for Tcl
SASL::SCRAM Implementation of SASL SCRAM mechanism for Tcl
SASL::NTLM Implementation of SASL NTLM mechanism for Tcl
SASL::XGoogleToken Implementation of SASL NTLM mechanism for Tcl
mime Manipulation of MIME body parts
smtp Client-side tcl implementation of the smtp protocol
csv Procedures to handle CSV data.
hook Hooks
comm A remote communication facility for Tcl (8.3 and later)
comm_wire The comm wire protocol
fileutil::magic::cgen Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files
fileutil::magic::mimetype Procedures implementing mime-type recognition
fileutil::magic::rt Runtime core for file type recognition engines written in pure Tcl
fileutil::magic::cfront Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files
fileutil::magic::filetype Procedures implementing file-type recognition
report Create and manipulate report objects
pki Implementation of the public key cipher
profiler Tcl source code profiler
docstrip Docstrip style source code extraction
docstrip_util Docstrip-related utilities
clock_rfc2822 Parsing ISO 8601 dates/times
clock_iso8601 Parsing ISO 8601 dates/times
generator Procedures for creating and using generators.
uevent User events
uevent::onidle Request merging and deferal to idle time
multiplexer One-to-many communication with sockets.
soundex Soundex
aes Implementation of the AES block cipher
grammar::aycock Aycock-Horspool-Earley parser generator for Tcl
ntp_time Tcl Time Service Client
pop3d Tcl POP3 server implementation
pop3d::dbox Simple mailbox database for pop3d
pop3d::udb Simple user database for pop3d
ldap LDAP client
ldapx LDAP extended object interface
rest define REST web APIs and call them inline or asychronously
pt::peg::import::peg PEG Import Plugin. Read PEG format
pt_introduction Introduction to Parser Tools
pt::peg::from::container PEG Conversion. From CONTAINER format
pt_peg_op Parser Tools PE Grammar Utility Operations
pt::rde Parsing Runtime Support, PARAM based
pt::peg::import::json PEG Import Plugin. Read JSON format
pt_import_api Parser Tools Import API
pt::peg Parsing Expression Grammar Serialization
pt::cparam::configuration::critcl C/PARAM, Canned configuration, Critcl
pt::peg::import::container PEG Import Plugin. From CONTAINER format
pt::peg::export::container PEG Export Plugin. Write CONTAINER format
pt::peg::export::peg PEG Export Plugin. Write PEG format
pt::peg::export::json PEG Export Plugin. Write JSON format
pt::pe Parsing Expression Serialization
pt::peg::to::tclparam PEG Conversion. Write TCLPARAM format
pt::json_language The JSON Grammar Exchange Format
pt::peg::to::json PEG Conversion. Write JSON format
pt::pgen Parser Generator
pt::param PackRat Machine Specification
pt::peg::to::peg PEG Conversion. Write PEG format
pt::peg_language PEG Language Tutorial
pt::peg::container PEG Storage
pt::ast Abstract Syntax Tree Serialization
pt::peg::to::cparam PEG Conversion. Write CPARAM format
pt::tclparam::configuration::snit Tcl/PARAM, Canned configuration, Snit
pt_parse_peg Parser Tools PEG Parser
pt::peg::to::param PEG Conversion. Write PARAM format
pt::cparam::configuration::tea C/PARAM, Canned configuration, TEA
pt::peg::from::json PEG Conversion. Read JSON format
pt::util General utilities
pt::peg::import PEG Import
pt::peg::from::peg PEG Conversion. Read PEG format
pt::peg::to::container PEG Conversion. Write CONTAINER format
pt::peg::interp Interpreter for parsing expression grammars
pt::pe::op Parsing Expression Utilities
pt::peg::export PEG Export
pt::tclparam::configuration::tcloo Tcl/PARAM, Canned configuration, Tcloo
pt::peg::container::peg PEG Storage. Canned PEG grammar specification
pt_export_api Parser Tools Export API
pt_parser_api Parser API
pt::pegrammar Introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars
zipfile::encode Generation of zip archives
zipfile::decode Access to zip archives
wip Word Interpreter
transfer::copy::queue Queued transfers
transfer::receiver Data source
transfer::data::source Data source
transfer::data::destination Data destination
transfer::transmitter Data source
transfer::connect Connection setup
transfer::copy Data transfer foundation
lambda Utility commands for anonymous procedures
grammar::fa::op Operations on finite automatons
grammar::fa::dexec Execute deterministic finite automatons
grammar::fa Create and manipulate finite automatons
grammar::fa::dacceptor Create and use deterministic acceptors
otp One-Time Passwords
md5 MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
ident Ident protocol client
tcl::transform::limitsize limiting input
tcl::transform::rot rot-encryption
tcl::transform::crc32 Crc32 transformation
tcl::transform::identity Identity transformation
tcl::transform::base64 Base64 encoding transformation
tcl::transform::hex Hexadecimal encoding transformation
tcl::transform::counter Counter transformation
tcl::transform::adler32 Adler32 transformation
tcl::transform::spacer Space insertation and removal
tcl::transform::observe Observer transformation, stream copy
tcl::transform::zlib zlib (de)compression
tcl::transform::otp Encryption via one-time pad
interp Interp creation and aliasing
deleg_proc Creation of comm delegates (procedures)
deleg_method Creation of comm delegates (snit methods)
cksum Calculate a cksum(1) compatible checksum
sum Calculate a sum(1) compatible checksum
crc32 Perform a 32bit Cyclic Redundancy Check
crc16 Perform a 16bit Cyclic Redundancy Check
rcs RCS low level utilities
des Implementation of the DES and triple-DES ciphers
tcldes Implementation of the DES and triple-DES ciphers
tcldes Implementation of the DES and triple-DES ciphers
inifile Parsing of Windows INI files
nntp Tcl client for the NNTP protocol
yaml YAML Format Encoder/Decoder
huddle Create and manipulate huddle object
term::ansi::code::attr ANSI attribute sequences
term::interact::menu Terminal widget, menu
term::ansi::code Helper for control sequences
term::send General output to terminals
term::ansi::code::macros Macro sequences
term::ansi::send Output of ANSI control sequences to terminals
term General terminal control
term::ansi::code::ctrl ANSI control sequences
term::receive::bind Keyboard dispatch from terminals
term::ansi::ctrl::unix Control operations and queries
term::receive General input from terminals
term::interact::pager Terminal widget, paging
page_util_peg page PEG transformation utilities
page_pluginmgr page plugin manager
page_util_norm_peg page AST normalization, PEG
page_intro page introduction
page_util_quote page character quoting utilities
page_util_norm_lemon page AST normalization, LEMON
page_util_flow page dataflow/treewalker utility
snit Snit's Not Incr Tcl
snitfaq Snit Frequently Asked Questions
oauth oauth API base signature
html Procedures to generate HTML structures
nmea Process NMEA data
pop3 Tcl client for POP3 email protocol
string::token::shell Parsing of shell command line
string::token Regex based iterative lexing
base32 base32 standard encoding
base32::core Expanding basic base32 maps
base32::hex base32 extended hex encoding
gpx Extracts waypoints, tracks and routes from GPX files
textutil::expander Procedures to process templates and expand text.
textutil Procedures to manipulate texts and strings.
textutil::tabify Procedures to (un)tabify strings
textutil::string Procedures to manipulate texts and strings.
textutil::repeat Procedures to repeat strings.
textutil::adjust Procedures to adjust, indent, and undent paragraphs
textutil::trim Procedures to trim strings
textutil::split Procedures to split texts
javascript Procedures to generate HTML and Java Script structures.
log Procedures to log messages of libraries and applications.
logger System to control logging of events.
logger::utils Utilities for logger
logger::appender Collection of predefined appenders for logger
cmdline Procedures to process command lines and options.
smtpd Tcl SMTP server implementation
uuid UUID generation and comparison
autoproxy Automatic HTTP proxy usage and authentication
pluginmgr Manage a plugin
ftpd Tcl FTP server implementation
grammar::peg::interp Interpreter for parsing expression grammars
grammar::peg Create and manipulate parsing expression grammars
ftp::geturl Uri handler for ftp urls
ftp Client-side tcl implementation of the ftp protocol
try try - Trap and process errors and exceptions
json JSON parser
json::write JSON generation
math::constants Mathematical and numerical constants
math::bignum Arbitrary precision integer numbers
math::bigfloat Arbitrary precision floating-point numbers
math::optimize Optimisation routines
math::special Special mathematical functions
math::polynomials Polynomial functions
math::decimal General decimal arithmetic
math::geometry Geometrical computations
math::fuzzy Fuzzy comparison of floating-point numbers
tclrep/machineparameters Compute double precision machine parameters.
math::interpolate Interpolation routines
math Tcl Math Library
math::roman Tools for creating and manipulating roman numerals
math::calculus::symdiff Symbolic differentiation for Tcl
math::fourier Discrete and fast fourier transforms
math::rationalfunctions Polynomial functions
math::calculus Integration and ordinary differential equations
math::statistics Basic statistical functions and procedures
math::complexnumbers Straightforward complex number package
math::numtheory Number Theory
math::linearalgebra Linear Algebra
math::calculus::romberg Romberg integration
math::combinatorics Combinatorial functions in the Tcl Math Library
tar Tar file creation, extraction & manipulation
yencode Y-encode/decode binary data
uuencode UU-encode/decode binary data
base64 base64-encode/decode binary data
ascii85 ascii85-encode/decode binary data
ncgi Procedures to manipulate CGI values.
doctools::msgcat::toc::en Message catalog for the doctoc parser (EN)
doctools::msgcat::toc::c Message catalog for the doctoc parser (C)
doctools::toc::export::wiki wiki export plugin
doctools2toc_introduction DocTools - Tables of Contents
doctools::toc::export::json JSON export plugin
doctools::toc::export::doctoc doctoc export plugin
doctools::toc::import::json JSON import plugin
doctools::toc Holding tables of contents
doctools::msgcat::toc::fr Message catalog for the doctoc parser (FR)
doctools::toc::export::nroff nroff export plugin
doctools::toc::import Importing keyword indices
doctools::toc::export::text plain text export plugin
doctools::toc::structure Doctoc serialization utilities
doctools::msgcat::toc::de Message catalog for the doctoc parser (DE)
doctools::toc::export Exporting tables of contents
doctools::toc::parse Parsing text in doctoc format
doctools::toc::import::doctoc doctoc import plugin
doctools::toc::export::html HTML export plugin
asn ASN.1 BER encoder/decoder
fileutil::multi Multi-file operation, scatter/gather, standard object
fileutil_traverse Iterative directory traversal
fileutil Procedures implementing some file utilities
fileutil::multi::op Multi-file operation, scatter/gather
namespacex Namespace utility commands
valtype::isbn Validation for ISBN
valtype::creditcard::visa Validation for VISA creditcard number
valtype::iban Validation for IBAN
valtype::verhoeff Validation for plain number with a VERHOEFF checkdigit
valtype::creditcard::discover Validation for Discover creditcard number
valtype::common Validation, common code
valtype::luhn Validation for plain number with a LUHN checkdigit
valtype::usnpi Validation for USNPI
valtype::creditcard::mastercard Validation for Mastercard creditcard number
valtype::creditcard::amex Validation for AMEX creditcard number
valtype::gs1::ean13 Validation for EAN13
valtype::luhn5 Validation for plain number with a LUHN5 checkdigit
valtype::imei Validation for IMEI
bee BitTorrent Serialization Format Encoder/Decoder
htmlparse Procedures to parse HTML strings
cache::async Asynchronous in-memory cache
control Procedures for control flow structures.
bench::out::csv bench::out::csv - Formatting benchmark results as CSV
bench_lang_spec bench language specification
bench::in bench::in - Reading benchmark results
bench bench - Processing benchmark suites
bench::out::text bench::out::text - Formatting benchmark results as human readable text
bench_intro bench introduction
bench_lang_intro bench language introduction
tepam An introduction into TEPAM, Tcl's Enhanced Procedure and Argument Manager
tepam::argument_dialogbox TEPAM argument_dialogbox, reference manual
tepam::procedure TEPAM procedure, reference manual
tepam::doc_gen TEPAM DOC Generation, reference manual
struct::list Procedures for manipulating lists
struct::tree_v1 Create and manipulate tree objects
struct::graph Create and manipulate directed graph objects
struct::matrix_v1 Create and manipulate matrix objects
struct::graph::op Operation for (un)directed graph objects
struct::disjointset Disjoint set data structure
struct::graph_v1 Create and manipulate directed graph objects
struct::record Define and create records (similar to 'C' structures)
struct::pool Create and manipulate pool objects (of discrete items)
struct::skiplist Create and manipulate skiplists
struct::queue Create and manipulate queue objects
struct::prioqueue Create and manipulate prioqueue objects
struct::tree Create and manipulate tree objects
struct::stack Create and manipulate stack objects
struct::set Procedures for manipulating sets
struct::matrix Create and manipulate matrix objects
doctools_plugin_apiref doctools plugin API reference
docidx_lang_intro docidx language introduction
docidx_lang_syntax docidx language syntax
doctools doctools - Processing documents
doctools::toc doctoc - Processing tables of contents
doctools::idx docidx - Processing indices
docidx_plugin_apiref docidx plugin API reference
doctoc_intro doctoc introduction
doctools::cvs Processing text in 'cvs log' format
doctoc_lang_faq doctoc language faq
doctoc_lang_intro doctoc language introduction
doctools_lang_faq doctools language faq
mpexpand Markup processor
doctools_lang_syntax doctools language syntax
docidx_intro docidx introduction
doctools_lang_cmdref doctools language command reference
doctoc_plugin_apiref doctoc plugin API reference
doctools_lang_intro doctools language introduction
doctools::changelog Processing text in Emacs ChangeLog format
doctoc_lang_cmdref doctoc language command reference
doctools_intro doctools introduction
docidx_lang_cmdref docidx language command reference
doctoc_lang_syntax doctoc language syntax
docidx_lang_faq docidx language faq
counter Procedures for counters and histograms
mapproj Map projection routines
blowfish Implementation of the Blowfish block cipher
md5crypt MD5-based password encryption
simulation::random Pseudo-random number generators
simulation::montecarlo Monte Carlo simulations
simulation::annealing Simulated annealing
tcllib_ip IPv4 and IPv6 address manipulation
dns Tcl Domain Name Service Client
websocket Tcl implementation of the websocket protocol
md4 MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
jpeg JPEG querying and manipulation of meta data
imap4 imap client-side tcl implementation of imap protocol
nameserv::auto Name service facility, Client Extension
nameserv::protocol Name service facility, client/server protocol
nns_intro Name service facility, introduction
nameserv::common Name service facility, shared definitions
nameserv::server Name service facility, Server
nameserv Name service facility, Client
tiff TIFF reading, writing, and querying and manipulation of meta data
dtplite Lightweight DocTools Markup Processor
bibtex Parse bibtex files
map::slippy Common code for slippy based map packages
map::slippy::fetcher Accessing a server providing tiles for slippy-based maps
map::slippy::cache Management of a tile cache in the local filesystem
map::geocode::nominatim Resolving geographical names with a Nominatim service
ripemd160 RIPEMD-160 Message-Digest Algorithm
ripemd128 RIPEMD-128 Message-Digest Algorithm
xsxp eXtremely Simple Xml Parser
S3 Amazon S3 Web Service Interface

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