tcl::chan::variable - Reflected/virtual channel support

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tcl::chan::variable(n) 1 "Reflected/virtual channel support"


tcl::chan::variable - In-memory channel using variable for storage


  • package require Tcl 8.5
  • package require TclOO
  • package require tcl::chan::events ?1?
  • package require tcl::chan::variable ?1?


The tcl::chan::variable package provides a command creating channels which live purely in memory. They provide random-access, i.e. are seekable. In contrast to the channels created by tcl::chan::memchan the data is not hidden in the channel however, but stored in an associated variable, specified at the time of construction.

Packages related to this are tcl::chan::memchan and tcl::chan::string.

The internal TclOO class implementing the channel handler is a sub-class of the tcl::chan::events framework.


::tcl::chan::variable varname

This command creates a new variable channel and returns its handle. The content of the channel is stored in the associated namespace variable varname.

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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