tcl::transform::otp - Reflected/virtual channel support

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tcl::transform::otp(n) 1 "Reflected/virtual channel support"


tcl::transform::otp - Encryption via one-time pad


  • package require Tcl 8.6
  • package require tcl::transform::core ?1?
  • package require tcl::transform::otp ?1?


The tcl::transform::otp package provides a command creating a channel transformation which uses externally provided one-time pads to perform encryption (on writing) and decryption (on reading).

A related transformations in this module is tcl::transform::rot.

The internal TclOO class implementing the transform handler is a sub-class of the tcl::transform::core framework.


::tcl::transform::otp chan keychanw keychanr

This command creates a one-time pad based encryption transformation on top of the channel chan and returns its handle.

The two channels keychanw and keychanr contain the one-time pads for the write and read directions, respectively. Their contents are reads and xored with the bytes written to and read from the channel.

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