Class: NameError (Ruby 2.3.4)

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    Raised when a given name is invalid or undefined.

    puts foo

    raises the exception:

    NameError: undefined local variable or method `foo' for main:Object

    Since constant names must start with a capital:

    Fixnum.const_set :answer, 42

    raises the exception:

    NameError: wrong constant name answer

    Public Class Methods

    new(msg [, name]) → name_error click to toggle source

    Construct a new NameError exception. If given the name parameter may subsequently be examined using the method.

                   static VALUE
    name_err_initialize(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
        VALUE name;
        VALUE iseqw = Qnil;
        name = (argc > 1) ? argv[--argc] : Qnil;
        rb_call_super(argc, argv);
        rb_ivar_set(self, id_name, name);
            rb_thread_t *th = GET_THREAD();
            rb_control_frame_t *cfp =
                rb_vm_get_ruby_level_next_cfp(th, RUBY_VM_PREVIOUS_CONTROL_FRAME(th->cfp));
            if (cfp) iseqw = rb_iseqw_new(cfp->iseq);
        rb_ivar_set(self, id_iseq, iseqw);
        return self;

    Public Instance Methods

    local_variables → array click to toggle source

    Return a list of the local variable names defined where this NameError exception was raised.

    Internal use only.

                   static VALUE
    name_err_local_variables(VALUE self)
        VALUE vars = rb_attr_get(self, id_local_variables);
        if (NIL_P(vars)) {
            VALUE iseqw = rb_attr_get(self, id_iseq);
            if (!NIL_P(iseqw)) vars = rb_iseqw_local_variables(iseqw);
            if (NIL_P(vars)) vars = rb_ary_new();
            rb_ivar_set(self, id_local_variables, vars);
        return vars;
    name → string or nil click to toggle source

    Return the name associated with this NameError exception.

                   static VALUE
    name_err_name(VALUE self)
        return rb_attr_get(self, id_name);
    receiver → object click to toggle source

    Return the receiver associated with this NameError exception.

                   static VALUE
    name_err_receiver(VALUE self)
        VALUE *ptr, recv, mesg;
        recv = rb_ivar_lookup(self, id_receiver, Qundef);
        if (recv != Qundef) return recv;
        mesg = rb_attr_get(self, id_mesg);
        if (!rb_typeddata_is_kind_of(mesg, &name_err_mesg_data_type)) {
            rb_raise(rb_eArgError, "no receiver is available");
        ptr = DATA_PTR(mesg);
        return ptr[NAME_ERR_MESG__RECV];