Getting started

ActiveRuby includes resources that we think you will find helpful as you get started with Ruby and Rails programming.

Core language and community packages

ActiveRuby includes the core packages for the Ruby language, and an extensive set of useful packages to use in your projects including these key packages:

  • Developer utilities (rake, bundler, gem, nokogiri)
  • Web applications (rails, rack, sinatra)
  • Accessing databases (mysql2, pg (PostgreSQL), redis, mongodb, cassandra-driver, sqlite3)
  • Testing and code quality (cucumber, rack-test, minitest, simplecov)

You can browse the complete list of included packages.


ActiveRuby includes the core documentation for Ruby and Rails, and links to the Rails Guides and the extensive set of community packages you can use in your projects. You can browse the core documentation and the complete list of included packages.