channel - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package channel

import ""

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Package channel implements the server side of App Engine's Channel API.

Create creates a new channel associated with the given clientID, which must be unique to the client that will use the returned token.

token, err := channel.Create(c, "player1")
if err != nil {
	// handle error
// return token to the client in an HTTP response

Send sends a message to the client over the channel identified by clientID.

channel.Send(c, "player1", "Game over!")

func Create

func Create(c context.Context, clientID string) (token string, err error)

Create creates a channel and returns a token for use by the client. The clientID is an application-provided string used to identify the client.

func Send

func Send(c context.Context, clientID, message string) error

Send sends a message on the channel associated with clientID.

func SendJSON

func SendJSON(c context.Context, clientID string, value interface{}) error

SendJSON is a helper function that sends a JSON-encoded value on the channel associated with clientID.