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Directory /src/golang.org/x/tools/go

Name Synopsis
astutil Package astutil contains common utilities for working with the Go AST.
buildutil Package buildutil provides utilities related to the go/build package in the standard library.
callgraph Package callgraph defines the call graph and various algorithms and utilities to operate on it.
cha Package cha computes the call graph of a Go program using the Class Hierarchy Analysis (CHA) algorithm.
rta This package provides Rapid Type Analysis (RTA) for Go, a fast algorithm for call graph construction and discovery of reachable code (and hence dead code) and runtime types.
static Package static computes the call graph of a Go program containing only static call edges.
gccgoexportdata Package gccgoexportdata provides functions for reading export data files containing type information produced by the gccgo compiler.
gcexportdata Package gcexportdata provides functions for locating, reading, and writing export data files containing type information produced by the gc compiler.
gcimporter15 Package gcimporter15 provides various functions for reading gc-generated object files that can be used to implement the Importer interface defined by the Go 1.5 standard library package.
loader Package loader loads a complete Go program from source code, parsing and type-checking the initial packages plus their transitive closure of dependencies.
pointer Package pointer implements Andersen's analysis, an inclusion-based pointer analysis algorithm first described in (Andersen, 1994).
ssa Package ssa defines a representation of the elements of Go programs (packages, types, functions, variables and constants) using a static single-assignment (SSA) form intermediate representation (IR) for the bodies of functions.
interp Package ssa/interp defines an interpreter for the SSA representation of Go programs.
typeutil Package typeutil defines various utilities for types, such as Map, a mapping from types.Type to interface{} values.