present - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Command present

Present displays slide presentations and articles. It runs a web server that presents slide and article files from the current directory.

It may be run as a stand-alone command or an App Engine app.

Usage of present:

-base="": base path for slide template and static resources
-http="": HTTP service address (e.g., '')
-nacl=false: use Native Client environment playground (prevents non-Go code execution)
-notes=false: enable presenter notes (press 'N' from the browser to display them)
-orighost="": host component of web origin URL (e.g., 'localhost')
-play=true: enable playground (permit execution of arbitrary user code)

The setup of the Go version of NaCl is documented at:

To use with App Engine, copy the tools/cmd/present directory to the root of your application and create an app.yaml file similar to this:

application: [application]
version: [version]
runtime: go
api_version: go1

- url: /favicon.ico
  static_files: present/static/favicon.ico
  upload: present/static/favicon.ico
- url: /static
  static_dir: present/static
  application_readable: true
- url: /.*
  script: _go_app

# nobuild_files is a regexp that identifies which files to not build.  It
# is useful for embedding static assets like code snippets and preventing
# them from producing build errors for your project.
nobuild_files: [path regexp for talk materials]

Present then can be tested in a local App Engine environment with

goapp serve

Input files are named foo.extension, where "extension" defines the format of the generated output. The supported formats are:

.slide        // HTML5 slide presentation
.article      // article format, such as a blog post

The present file format is documented by the present package: