vp8 - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package vp8

import "golang.org/x/image/vp8"

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Package vp8 implements a decoder for the VP8 lossy image format.

The VP8 specification is RFC 6386.

type Decoder

Decoder decodes VP8 bitstreams into frames. Decoding one frame consists of calling Init, DecodeFrameHeader and then DecodeFrame in that order. A Decoder can be re-used to decode multiple frames.

type Decoder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDecoder

func NewDecoder() *Decoder

NewDecoder returns a new Decoder.

func (*Decoder) DecodeFrame

func (d *Decoder) DecodeFrame() (*image.YCbCr, error)

DecodeFrame decodes the frame and returns it as an YCbCr image. The image's contents are valid up until the next call to Decoder.Init.

func (*Decoder) DecodeFrameHeader

func (d *Decoder) DecodeFrameHeader() (fh FrameHeader, err error)

DecodeFrameHeader decodes the frame header.

func (*Decoder) Init

func (d *Decoder) Init(r io.Reader, n int)

Init initializes the decoder to read at most n bytes from r.

type FrameHeader

FrameHeader is a frame header, as specified in section 9.1.

type FrameHeader struct {
    KeyFrame          bool
    VersionNumber     uint8
    ShowFrame         bool
    FirstPartitionLen uint32
    Width             int
    Height            int
    XScale            uint8
    YScale            uint8