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Package knownhosts

import ""

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Package knownhosts implements a parser for the OpenSSH known_hosts host key database.

func HashHostname

func HashHostname(hostname string) string

HashHostname hashes the given hostname. The hostname is not normalized before hashing.

func Line

func Line(addresses []string, key ssh.PublicKey) string

Line returns a line to add append to the known_hosts files.

func New

func New(files ...string) (ssh.HostKeyCallback, error)

New creates a host key callback from the given OpenSSH host key files. The returned callback is for use in ssh.ClientConfig.HostKeyCallback. Hashed hostnames are not supported.

func Normalize

func Normalize(address string) string

Normalize normalizes an address into the form used in known_hosts

type KeyError

KeyError is returned if we did not find the key in the host key database, or there was a mismatch. Typically, in batch applications, this should be interpreted as failure. Interactive applications can offer an interactive prompt to the user.

type KeyError struct {
    // Want holds the accepted host keys. For each key algorithm,
    // there can be one hostkey.  If Want is empty, the host is
    // unknown. If Want is non-empty, there was a mismatch, which
    // can signify a MITM attack.
    Want []KnownKey

func (*KeyError) Error

func (u *KeyError) Error() string

type KnownKey

KnownKey represents a key declared in a known_hosts file.

type KnownKey struct {
    Key      ssh.PublicKey
    Filename string
    Line     int

func (*KnownKey) String

func (k *KnownKey) String() string

type RevokedError

RevokedError is returned if we found a key that was revoked.

type RevokedError struct {
    Revoked KnownKey

func (*RevokedError) Error

func (r *RevokedError) Error() string