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Name Synopsis
speed Package speed implements a golang client for the Performance Co-Pilot instrumentation API.
bytewriter Package bytewriter implements writers that support concurrent writing within a fixed length block initially tried to use bytes.Buffer but the main restriction with that is that it does not allow the freedom to move around in the buffer.
acme A golang implementation of the acme factory examples from python and Java APIs The python implementation is in mmv.py in PCP core (https://github.com/performancecopilot/pcp/blob/master/src/python/pcp/mmv.py#L21-L70) The Java implementation is in examples in parfait core (https://github.com/performancecopilot/parfait/tree/master/examples/acme) To run the python version of the example that exits do go run examples/acme/main.go To run the java version of the example that runs forever, simply add a --forever flag go run examples/acme/main.go --forever
singleton_string this example showcases speeds metric inference from strings property
mmvdump Package mmvdump implements a go port of the C mmvdump utility included in PCP Core https://github.com/performancecopilot/pcp/blob/master/src/pmdas/mmv/mmvdump.c It has been written for maximum portability with the C equivalent, without having to use cgo or any other ninja stuff the main difference is that the reader is separate from the cli with the reading primarily implemented in mmvdump.go while the cli is implemented in cmd/mmvdump the cli application is completely go gettable and outputs the same things, in mostly the same way as the C cli app, to try it out, ``` go get github.com/performancecopilot/speed/mmvdump/cmd/mmvdump ```