dapperish - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package dapperish

import "github.com/opentracing/basictracer-go/examples/dapperish"

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func NewTracer

func NewTracer(processName string) opentracing.Tracer

NewTracer returns a new dapperish Tracer instance.

type TrivialRecorder

TrivialRecorder implements the basictracer.Recorder interface.

type TrivialRecorder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTrivialRecorder

func NewTrivialRecorder(processName string) *TrivialRecorder

NewTrivialRecorder returns a TrivialRecorder for the given `processName`.

func (*TrivialRecorder) ProcessName

func (t *TrivialRecorder) ProcessName() string

ProcessName returns the process name.

func (*TrivialRecorder) RecordSpan

func (t *TrivialRecorder) RecordSpan(span basictracer.RawSpan)

RecordSpan complies with the basictracer.Recorder interface.

func (*TrivialRecorder) SetTag

func (t *TrivialRecorder) SetTag(key string, val interface{}) *TrivialRecorder

SetTag sets a tag.