admin - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package admin

import ""

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const (
    // DefaultBindAddress is the default bind address for the HTTP server.
    DefaultBindAddress = ":8083"

type Config

Config represents the configuration for the admin service.

type Config struct {
    Enabled          bool   `toml:"enabled"`
    BindAddress      string `toml:"bind-address"`
    HTTPSEnabled     bool   `toml:"https-enabled"`
    HTTPSCertificate string `toml:"https-certificate"`
    Version          string `toml:"-"`

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

NewConfig returns an instance of Config with defaults.

type Service

Service manages the listener for an admin endpoint.

type Service struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewService

func NewService(c Config) *Service

NewService returns a new instance of Service.

func (*Service) Addr

func (s *Service) Addr() net.Addr

Addr returns the listener's address. Returns nil if listener is closed.

func (*Service) Close

func (s *Service) Close() error

Close closes the underlying listener.

func (*Service) Err

func (s *Service) Err() <-chan error

Err returns a channel for fatal errors that occur on the listener.

func (*Service) Open

func (s *Service) Open() error

Open starts the service

func (*Service) WithLogger

func (s *Service) WithLogger(log zap.Logger)


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