backup - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package backup

import ""

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Package backup is the backup subcommand for the influxd command.


const (
    // Suffix is a suffix added to the backup while it's in-process.
    Suffix = ".pending"

    // Metafile is the base name given to the metastore backups.
    Metafile = "meta"

    // BackupFilePattern is the beginning of the pattern for a backup
    // file. They follow the scheme <database>.<retention>.<shardID>.<increment>
    BackupFilePattern = "%s.%s.%05d"

type Command

Command represents the program execution for "influxd backup".

type Command struct {
    // The logger passed to the ticker during execution.
    Logger *log.Logger

    // Standard input/output, overridden for testing.
    Stderr io.Writer
    Stdout io.Writer
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCommand

func NewCommand() *Command

NewCommand returns a new instance of Command with default settings.

func (*Command) Run

func (cmd *Command) Run(args ...string) error

Run executes the program.