cli - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package cli

import ""

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Package cli contains the logic of the influx command line client.


ErrBlankCommand is returned when a parsed command is empty.

var ErrBlankCommand = errors.New("empty input")

type CommandLine

CommandLine holds CLI configuration and state.

type CommandLine struct {
    Line            *liner.State
    Host            string
    Port            int
    Database        string
    Ssl             bool
    RetentionPolicy string
    ClientVersion   string
    ServerVersion   string
    Pretty          bool   // controls pretty print for json
    Format          string // controls the output format.  Valid values are json, csv, or column
    Execute         string
    ShowVersion     bool
    Import          bool
    Chunked         bool
    Quit            chan struct{}
    IgnoreSignals   bool // Ignore signals normally caught by this process (used primarily for testing)
    ForceTTY        bool // Force the CLI to act as if it were connected to a TTY

    Client         *client.Client
    ClientConfig   client.Config // Client config options.
    ImporterConfig v8.Config     // Importer configuration options.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(version string) *CommandLine

New returns an instance of CommandLine with the specified client version.

func (*CommandLine) Connect

func (c *CommandLine) Connect(cmd string) error

Connect connects to a server.

func (*CommandLine) ExecuteQuery

func (c *CommandLine) ExecuteQuery(query string) error

ExecuteQuery runs any query statement.

func (*CommandLine) FormatResponse

func (c *CommandLine) FormatResponse(response *client.Response, w io.Writer)

FormatResponse formats output to the previously chosen format.

func (*CommandLine) Insert

func (c *CommandLine) Insert(stmt string) error

Insert runs an INSERT statement.

func (*CommandLine) ParseCommand

func (c *CommandLine) ParseCommand(cmd string) error

ParseCommand parses an instruction and calls the related method or executes the command as a query against InfluxDB.

func (*CommandLine) Run

func (c *CommandLine) Run() error

Run executes the CLI.

func (*CommandLine) SetAuth

func (c *CommandLine) SetAuth(cmd string)

SetAuth sets client authentication credentials.

func (*CommandLine) SetFormat

func (c *CommandLine) SetFormat(cmd string)

SetFormat sets output format.

func (*CommandLine) SetPrecision

func (c *CommandLine) SetPrecision(cmd string)

SetPrecision sets client precision.

func (*CommandLine) SetWriteConsistency

func (c *CommandLine) SetWriteConsistency(cmd string)

SetWriteConsistency sets write consistency level.

func (*CommandLine) Settings

func (c *CommandLine) Settings()

Settings prints current settings.

func (*CommandLine) Version

func (c *CommandLine) Version()

Version prints the CLI version.