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Package cmd

import ""

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Package cmd is the root package of the various command-line utilities for InfluxDB.

func ParseCommandName

func ParseCommandName(args []string) (string, []string)

ParseCommandName extracts the command name and args from the args list.


Name Synopsis
influx The influx command is a CLI client to InfluxDB.
cli Package cli contains the logic of the influx command line client.
influx_inspect The influx_inspect command displays detailed information about InfluxDB data files.
dumptsm Package dumptsm inspects low-level details about tsm1 files.
export Package export exports TSM files into InfluxDB line protocol format.
help Package help contains the help for the influx_inspect command.
report Package report reports statistics about TSM files.
verify Package verify verifies integrity of TSM files.
influx_stress Command influx_stress is deprecated; use instead.
influx_tsm Command influx_tsm converts b1 or bz1 shards (from InfluxDB releases earlier than v0.11) to the current tsm1 format.
b1 Package b1 reads data from b1 shards.
bz1 Package bz1 reads data from bz1 shards.
stats Package stats contains statistics for converting non-TSM shards to TSM.
tsdb Pacage tsdb abstracts the various shard types supported by the influx_tsm command.
influxd Command influxd is the InfluxDB server.
backup Package backup is the backup subcommand for the influxd command.
help Package help is the help subcommand of the influxd command.
restore Package restore is the restore subcommand for the influxd command, for restoring from a backup.
run Package run is the run (default) subcommand for the influxd command.