mock - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package mock

import ""

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type Notify

type Notify struct {

    // A guard to protect an access to the internal attributes
    // of the notification mock in order to prevent panics
    // raised by the race conditions detector.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewNotify

func NewNotify() *Notify

func (*Notify) Output

func (m *Notify) Output(id types.CheckID) string

Output returns an output string of the specified health-check.

func (*Notify) OutputMap

func (m *Notify) OutputMap() string

func (*Notify) State

func (m *Notify) State(id types.CheckID) string

State returns the state of the specified health-check.

func (*Notify) StateMap

func (m *Notify) StateMap() string

func (*Notify) UpdateCheck

func (m *Notify) UpdateCheck(id types.CheckID, status, output string)

func (*Notify) Updates

func (m *Notify) Updates(id types.CheckID) int

Updates returns the count of updates of the specified health-check.

func (*Notify) UpdatesMap

func (m *Notify) UpdatesMap() string