protoc-gen-gogo - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Command protoc-gen-gogo

protoc-gen-go is a plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler to generate Go code. Run it by building this program and putting it in your path with the name


That word 'gogo' at the end becomes part of the option string set for the protocol compiler, so once the protocol compiler (protoc) is installed you can run

protoc --gogo_out=output_directory input_directory/file.proto

to generate Go bindings for the protocol defined by file.proto. With that input, the output will be written to


The generated code is documented in the package comment for the library.

See the README and documentation for protocol buffers to learn more:


Name Synopsis
descriptor Package descriptor provides functions for obtaining protocol buffer descriptors for generated Go types.
generator The code generator for the plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler.
grpc Package grpc outputs gRPC service descriptions in Go code.
plugin Package plugin_go is a generated protocol buffer package.