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Directory /src/github.com/coreos/etcd/tools

Name Synopsis
benchmark benchmark is a program for benchmarking etcd v3 API performance.
cmd Package cmd implements individual benchmark commands for the benchmark utility.
etcd-dump-db etcd-dump-db inspects etcd db files.
etcd-dump-logs etcd-dump-logs is a program for analyzing etcd server write ahead logs.
etcd-agent etcd-agent is a daemon for controlling an etcd process via HTTP RPC.
client Package client provides a client implementation to control an etcd-agent.
etcd-runner etcd-runner is a program for testing etcd clientv3 features against a fault injected cluster.
command Package command implements individual etcd-runner commands for the etcd-runner utility.
etcd-tester etcd-tester is a single controller for all etcd-agents to manage an etcd cluster and simulate failures.
bridge Package main is the entry point for the local tester network bridge.