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Package protocol

import ""

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RandReader is the random reader the protocol package will use to read random bytes from. This is exported for testing, and should not be used.

var RandReader = rand.Reader

UnmarshalDiscardBodyHandler is a named request handler to empty and close a response's body

var UnmarshalDiscardBodyHandler = request.NamedHandler{Name: "awssdk.shared.UnmarshalDiscardBody", Fn: UnmarshalDiscardBody}

func CanSetIdempotencyToken

func CanSetIdempotencyToken(v reflect.Value, f reflect.StructField) bool

CanSetIdempotencyToken returns true if the struct field should be automatically populated with a Idempotency token.

Only *string and string type fields that are tagged with idempotencyToken which are not already set can be auto filled.

func GetIdempotencyToken

func GetIdempotencyToken() string

GetIdempotencyToken returns a randomly generated idempotency token.

func SetIdempotencyToken

func SetIdempotencyToken(v reflect.Value)

SetIdempotencyToken will set the value provided with a Idempotency Token. Given that the value can be set. Will panic if value is not setable.

func UUIDVersion4

func UUIDVersion4(u []byte) string

UUIDVersion4 returns a Version 4 random UUID from the byte slice provided

func UnmarshalDiscardBody

func UnmarshalDiscardBody(r *request.Request)

UnmarshalDiscardBody is a request handler to empty a response's body and closing it.


Name Synopsis
ec2query Package ec2query provides serialization of AWS EC2 requests and responses.
jsonutil Package jsonutil provides JSON serialization of AWS requests and responses.
jsonrpc Package jsonrpc provides JSON RPC utilities for serialization of AWS requests and responses.
query Package query provides serialization of AWS query requests, and responses.
rest Package rest provides RESTful serialization of AWS requests and responses.
restjson Package restjson provides RESTful JSON serialization of AWS requests and responses.
restxml Package restxml provides RESTful XML serialization of AWS requests and responses.
xmlutil Package xmlutil provides XML serialization of AWS requests and responses.