Support and Feedback

There are a number of ways to get help if you run into problems using Komodo.


Have a look through this user guide to see if there is any relevant documentation. Use the Search field in the top right corner of the Komodo Help window to search the table of contents.

Komodo Forums

Komodo developers monitor the Komodo forums for issues. You can search the site to see if other users have encountered a similar problem.

RSS feeds are available for all forums and articles.

Komodo IRC Channel

Komodo developers are usually in the Komodo IRC channel (mostly 9am-5pm PST time), on the irc:// channel.

You can also use a web irc client, like Kiwi IRC.

Reporting Bugs

If you have found a bug, we’d like to know about it. First, query our on-line bug database to see if your bug has already been reported:

Bug list

Try a few searches using different keywords related to the problem; someone else may have reported the same problem, but described it slightly differently. If you can’t find an existing bug, submit a new one:

File a bug

Your bug will be assigned a bug ID (and related URL) that you can use to monitor the progress of the bug. The system can also email you when your bug is resolved.

Feature Requests

If you tried Komodo and you would like to see a specific feature or enhancement, provide a detailed description in a bug report.

ActiveState Technical Support

If the problem you are having is not referenced in any of the resources above, or if the posted solutions do not work for you, Komodo IDE users can get technical support by sending an email to Include as much information as possible about the problem you are having and the software you are running, including:

  • the version of Komodo (copy the Build Information listed in Help > About Komodo).
  • your operating system version
  • relevant details of any associated software you are running (e.g. PHP version, SCC type, filesystem type)