Komodo IDE Release Notes

These Release Notes cover what’s new, detailed changes and bug fixes and known issues for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.

What’s New in Komodo IDE 12.0.1

The following bugs have been resolved:

  • Legacy: Fix ko.run.command ‘file not found’ error.
  • Commando: Fix env overwriting when running command in shell.
  • Update restart triggers crash recovery. Fixes #3838.
  • State tool: Preference selection was saved but not being displayed on subsequent Prefence dialog opens.
  • State tool: ‘find on path’ preference saving empty string.
  • State tool: Support Two Factor Auth in state tool SDK
  • State tool: Fix Komodo login dialog blocking start up when state tool fails
  • Start up Wizard: State tool binary pref and install instructions wrong

What’s New in Komodo IDE 12.0

  • Add ActiveState Platform integration - you can now create and manage projects with an ActiveState Platform runtime, allowing for sandboxed environments, secret, script and package management, and much more.
  • Various CodeIntel improvements on Komodo Edit contributed by ssigwart (not relevant on IDE as it uses a newer CodeIntel version)
  • Lots of SDK fixes and improvements that improve the overall stability of Komodo
  • Add back in blank MRU warning, but skip when blanks allowed
  • Add dataset, contentEditable, isContentEditable, dir, and hidden DOM properties. fixes #3115
  • Add jump to code fold command
  • Added ‘Close All’ action in tab context menus; fixes #1817
  • Allow Alt-Left/Right in commando to jump words
  • Allow extra include/exclude filters in project searches
  • Changed default Python from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Enhanced Open Files UI so that the close button no longer overlaps
  • Enhanced search ordering when searching for open files
  • Re-introduced click margin to select. fixes #3786
  • Support JS and CSS block comment reflow
  • Update fold jumping to try to keep the same level as the current line, but go to parents if that fails
  • Fix login dialog failing to authenticate user. Fixes #3817
  • Fix blank replacement value not being remembered. fixes #2437
  • Fix bookmarks not deleting properly when lines are deleted. [fixes #3687]((https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/3687)
  • Fix can’t change vars in paused ruby >= 2 debug pane. fixes #3724
  • Fix commando tooltip not updating; fixes #2507
  • Fix crash recovery not reopening the right files. fixes #3791
  • Fix Ctrl/Cmd + up/down jumps to top/btm of completions list.
  • Fix F1 and Help > Help fails to open help Docs.
  • Fix OSX Edit installer and update bits.
  • Fix environment information not properly cleaning up when closing projects
  • Fix error on block select due to selection past end of line. fixes #3692
  • Fix macOs dropdown menu’s becoming stuck. fixes #3648
  • Fix minimap sometimes not toggling properly. fixes #3406
  • Fix Packages not being installed when clicking the “Open” link. fixes #3792
  • Fix Project Wizard Folder picker opening a file picker
  • Fix project wizard not staying on top
  • Fix Snippets sometimes failing to insert. fixes #3723
  • Fix tabbing through fields sometimes not working on Mac. fixes #3715
  • Fix UI twisty icons hard to see; fixes #2391

Please note these changes focus on Komodo IDE, and may not all be relevant for Komodo Edit.

Also note that this only notes notable changes and is not a full changelog of any and all changes.

Known Issues

There are no significant known issues at this time.