Komodo and the ActiveState Platform

Why do I need to sign in?

Komodo 12 is integrated with the ActiveState Platform. The custom license installer previously required to activate your Komodo license has been replaced by authentication through the ActiveState Platform. All releses after Komodo 11.1.0 use this authorization mechanism.

Once you have an ActiveState Platform account, you can sign in with your Platform account, rather than having to execute a custom license installer on your machine.

Introducing the ActiveState Platform

The ActiveState Platform beta is available to try now for free. We’re working on key features including:

  • Automated Language Builds: Pick from ActiveState’s package inventory and the Platform builds your language distribution automatically.
  • Automatic Dependency Resolution: Automatically pull in all dependencies and flag conflicts.
  • Automated Packaging: ActiveState’s Platform automatically packages your builds for easy deployment.

For more information about the ActiveState Platform, see the Platform product page on our website.

How it works

  • As of the Komodo 11.1.1 upgrade release, Komodo is only available as part of a free community account (for a limited time while the Platform is in Beta), or a paid subscription to the ActiveState Platform. If you are an existing Komodo 11 customer, you will receive an invite to join the ActiveState Platform. If for some reason, you did not receive an invite, contact support@activestate.com
  • Upgrading to 11.1.1, or higher, is a manual upgrade that you can choose to complete. If you choose to stay at your current version, you do not need an ActiveState Platform account, but you will not receive future updates.
  • When you start Komodo 11.1.1, or higher, for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for the ActiveState Platform. The only information sent to the ActiveState Platform is your username and password. No code or personal information is transferred. Once your account is authenticated an API token is used to verify your access to the Platform, without prompting you, each time you start Komodo.
  • You will be able to use Komodo without an internet connection after you authenticate your account by signing in with your Platform account. You must be able to connect to the Platform via HTTPS on port 443 to authenticate your account the first time you log in.
  • If you are an existing user with a perpetual license, you can access Komodo through the free tier on the ActiveState Platform or any paid Platform subscription. As a user with a perpetual license, if you cancel a paid Platform subscription you can continue to use Komodo on the free tier.

Where can I find my invitation?

An invite email for the ActiveState Platform was sent to existing Komodo users on January 7, 2019. Locate your invite email and click on the invite link and create your account. This ensures that you are added to the ActiveState Platform organization created for you with the correct permissions.

Check your email inbox and spam folder for a message from platform@activestate.com. If you have not received, or are unable to locate, the email contact us at support@activestate.com and we’ll send you an new invite.

Alternative, you can sign up for a new Platform account with the email address associated with your existing account on account.activestate.com.

Installing or upgrading Komodo

How do I upgrade to Komodo 11.1.1, or higher, and access the ActiveState Platform?

Important: Komodo 11.1.1 is the first release that does not require a custom license installer to activate the software. Instead, you use your ActiveState Platform account to verify that you are authorized to use the licensed software.

For information about other changes in the latest release, see the release notes.

To upgrade to the latest release of Komodo:

  1. Sign up for the ActiveState Platform

    An invite email for the ActiveState Platform was sent to existing Komodo users on January 7, 2019. Locate your invite email and click on the invite link and create your account. This ensures that you are added to the Platform organization created for you with the correct permissions. If you are unable to locate the email, contact us at support@activestate.com and we’ll resend it.

    If you’ve already signed up as a Business or Enterprise user, you use that Platform account for Komodo as well. You don’t need to sign up again.

  2. Download the Komodo 11.1.1 installer

    Download and run the installer for your operating system from the download page. Ensure that you select the version 11.1.1 release for your operating system.


  3. Log in with your ActiveState Platform account

    The first time you launch Komodo 11.1.1, it will prompt you to enter your ActiveState Platform username and password.

    Enter the username or email you signed up with and your password and click Sign In.

    Your account information is authorized the first time you log in, and an authentication key will be stored so that you do not need to log in each time you run Komodo. If your account details change you may be prompted to log in again. If you have a perpetual license for Komodo, you will always retain access to Komodo through the free Community tier, or any paid Tier.

Can I choose not to upgrade? In what situations should I not upgrade?

You can choose not to upgrade, or postpone upgrading until you are ready to. You should not upgrade if the computer you are upgrading Komodo on does not have access to the internet on port 443. If you have do not have internet access, or your firewall configuration prevents you from connecting to the ActiveState Platform server for authentication the first time you sign in, we recommend that you keep your existing version of Komodo.

I upgraded to Komodo 11.1.1 and need to go back to an earlier version. How do I go back?

If you upgraded to 11.1.1, and want to switch back to an earlier version, you need to uninstall version 11.1.1 and install a previous release of Komodo 11 along with the appropriate license installer. You can access both the Komodo installer and your license installer by logging in to My Account at https://account.activestate.com and clicking on the Komodo product license entry.

Contact support@activestate.com if you have any additional questions or concerns about the update.

How can I purchase Komodo licenses upfront instead of subscribing to the ActiveState Platform?

ActiveState is switching Komodo to a subscription model to provide our customers additional value and exciting new features. If you need to purchase one or more licenses outright, contact us to work out an exception.

Where can I get earlier versions of Komodo installers?

You can continue to get the Komodo installers from My Account at https://account.activestate.com. My Account will be available during the transition to the Platform, but you should download any legacy installers you require before it shuts down later this year.