Komodo IDE SDK Reference

The Komodo IDE SDK Reference describes each available resource in the Komodo API.


The Komodo SDK uses the require('module') function from the CommonJS specification to load JavaScript files on demand.

Komodo's require functionality is built on top of the Mozilla Add-on SDK, so most of the APIs defined by Mozilla can be used by Komodo. The exceptions are browser-specific functionality, such as the Firefox browser having web page tabs.

Example of loading the ko/logging API:

var logging = require("ko/logging");

Example of retrieving the language of the current file:

var language = require("ko/editor").getLanguage();

The .getLanguage() function is defined in the ko/editor API documented here.

Komodo APIs

Use the Modules, UI Modules, and Classes in the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse the APIs available in the Komodo IDE SDK.

Mozilla APIs

  • High-level APIs: Contains APIs for creating user interfaces and interacting with the web.
  • Low-level APIs: Contains utilities, building blocks for higher level modules, and privileged modules for low-level capabilities.

Note: Some of the high-level APIs will not work in Komodo.