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perlexperiment - A listing of experimental features in Perl


This document lists the current and past experimental features in the perl core. Although all of these are documented with their appropriate topics, this succinct listing gives you an overview and basic facts about their status.

So far we've merely tried to find and list the experimental features and infer their inception, versions, etc. There's a lot of speculation here.

Current experiments

Accepted features

These features were so wildly successful and played so well with others that we decided to remove their experimental status and admit them as full, stable features in the world of Perl, lavishing all the benefits and luxuries thereof. They are also awarded +5 Stability and +3 Charisma.

  • -bit support

    Introduced in Perl 5.005

  • die accepts a reference

    Introduced in Perl 5.005

  • DB module

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    See also perldebug, perldebtut

  • Weak references

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

  • Internal file glob

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

  • fork() emulation

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.1

    See also perlfork

  • -Dusemultiplicity -Duseithreads

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.8.0

  • Support for long doubles

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.8.1

  • The \N regex character class

    The \N character class, not to be confused with the named character sequence \N{NAME} , denotes any non-newline character in a regular expression.

    Introduced in Perl 5.12

    Exact version of acceptance unclear, but no later than Perl 5.18.

  • (?{code}) and (??{ code })

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.20.0

    See also perlre

  • Linux abstract Unix domain sockets

    Introduced in Perl 5.9.2

    Accepted before Perl 5.20.0. The Socket library is now primarily maintained on CPAN, rather than in the perl core.

    See also Socket

  • Lvalue subroutines

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.20.0

    See also perlsub

  • Backtracking control verbs


    Introduced in Perl 5.10

    Accepted in Perl 5.20.0

  • The <:pop> IO pseudolayer

    See also PERLIO in perlrun

    Accepted in Perl 5.20.0

  • \s in regexp matches vertical tab

    Accepted in Perl 5.22.0

  • Postfix dereference syntax

    Introduced in Perl 5.20.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.24.0

  • Lexical subroutines

    Introduced in Perl 5.18.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.26.0

  • String- and number-specific bitwise operators

    Introduced in Perl 5.22.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.28.0

  • Alphabetic assertions

    Introduced in Perl 5.28.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.32.0

  • Script runs

    Introduced in Perl 5.28.0

    Accepted in Perl 5.32.0

  • Removed features

    These features are no longer considered experimental and their functionality has disappeared. It's your own fault if you wrote production programs using these features after we explicitly told you not to (see perlpolicy).

  • 005-style threading

    Introduced in Perl 5.005

    Removed in Perl 5.10

  • perlcc

    Introduced in Perl 5.005

    Moved from Perl 5.9.0 to CPAN

  • The pseudo-hash data type

    Introduced in Perl 5.6.0

    Removed in Perl 5.9.0

  • GetOpt::Long Options can now take multiple values at once (experimental)

    Getopt::Long upgraded to version 2.35

    Removed in Perl 5.8.8

  • Assertions

    The -A command line switch

    Introduced in Perl 5.9.0

    Removed in Perl 5.9.5

  • Test::Harness::Straps

    Moved from Perl 5.10.1 to CPAN

  • legacy

    The experimental legacy pragma was swallowed by the feature pragma.

    Introduced in Perl 5.11.2

    Removed in Perl 5.11.3

  • Lexical $_

    Using this feature triggered warnings in the category experimental::lexical_topic .

    Introduced in Perl 5.10.0

    Removed in Perl 5.24.0

  • Array and hash container functions accept references

    Using this feature triggered warnings in the category experimental::autoderef .

    Superseded by Postfix dereference syntax.

    Introduced in Perl 5.14.0

    Removed in Perl 5.24.0

  • our can have an experimental optional attribute unique

    Introduced in Perl 5.8.0

    Deprecated in Perl 5.10.0

    Removed in Perl 5.28.0


    For a complete list of features check feature.


    brian d foy <>

    Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni <>


    Copyright 2010, brian d foy <>


    You can use and redistribute this document under the same terms as Perl itself.