Managing Tabs, Sidebars, and Panes

Use the View menu, Workspace Toolbar or Komodo key bindings to choose which sidebars and tabs are displayed in the Komodo workspace.

Showing and Hiding Tabs and Sidebars

To display a tab or sidebar in the left, right or bottom pane, select View > Tabs & Sidebars > , or see Komodo’s default key bindings (Help > List Key Bindings) for the appropriate keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, click the Show Specific Sidebar/Tab button on the Workspace toolbar.

Showing and Hiding Panes

To show and hide the left, right or bottom pane, click the associated button on the Workspace Toolbar. Click the close arrow in the top right corner of a pane to close it.

Resizing Panes

When you are focusing on coding alone, you may want to maximize the Editor Pane. To increase the size of the Editor Pane, hide the Left Pane and the Right Pane. The Left, Right and Bottom Panes can be resized by clicking and dragging.

Combining Tabs

Widgets in panes can be combined into one tab by right-clicking on a tab and choosing any option from the Combine With Tab submenu. They can be separated into their own tab again by choosing the Separate Tab option.

Floating Panes

Any of the sidebars and tabs can be detached from the main Komodo window by right clicking on its title and selecting Move to Pane > New Floating Pane. The new window can then be repositioned on screen as desired. The widgets can be returned to the Komodo window either by using the same menu, or simply closing its window. It is also possible to float all of the tabs at once by selecting the Detach Pane option in the menu.

Enabling Full Screen Mode

To take advantage of as much of the Komodo workspace as possible, select View > Full Screen. When Full Screen mode is enabled, the workspace is maximized, and the toolbars and status bar are hidden. To restore the previous view, select View > Full Screen again.