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ActiveTcl 8.6 Documentation


Welcome to ActiveTcl

ActiveTcl is ActiveState's quality-assured distribution of Tcl. The latest Windows, Linux and Mac OS X builds are available for free to the community. Solaris, HP-UX and AIX builds are available in ActiveTcl Business, Enterprise and OEM editions.

ActiveState is committed to making Tcl easy to install and use on all major platforms. This release of ActiveTcl brings you the most stable release of Tcl available in binary form. It also includes several of the most popular extensions pre-compiled and ready to use.

The complete ActiveTcl package contains:

  • The binary of the core Tcl distribution
  • Popular extensions, pre-compiled
  • Self-extracting archives for all platforms
  • Complete online documentation

ActiveState's Tcl Productivity Tools

Check out ActiveTcl Pro Studio, which includes:

  • Tcl Dev Kit, the essential toolkit for Tcl programmers. Tcl Dev Kit includes:
    • Tcl Dev Kit Debugger A convenient graphical user interface that allows you to debug remote and embedded Tcl applications as well as local ones.
    • Tcl Dev Kit Checker A static code analyzer that helps you find syntax errors and other common usage errors quickly, without having to run your program. Tcl Dev Kit Checker makes it easy to update legacy Tcl code.
    • Tcl Dev Kit Wrapper Distribute Tcl programs as freestanding executables containing everything needed to run the application.
    • Tcl Dev Kit Compiler Protect your intellectual property by compiling your Tcl script into a bytecode representation for distribution.
    • ...and more.
  • Komodo, ActiveState's cross-platform, multi-language Integrated Development environment, optimized for open source technologies including Tcl, Perl, PHP, Python, and XSLT.

Tcl Support