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ttk::sizegrip - A silly widget


ttk::sizegrip pathName ?options?


A sizegrip widget (also known as a grow box) allows the user to resize the containing toplevel window by pressing and dragging the grip.

Standard Options

-cursor -state-style -takefocus

See the options manual entry for details on the standard options.

Widget Command

Sizegrip widgets support the standard cget, configure, instate, and state methods. No other widget methods are used.

Platform-specific Notes

On Mac OSX, toplevel windows automatically include a built-in size grip by default. Adding an ttk::sizegrip there is harmless, since the built-in grip will just mask the widget.


# Using pack:
pack [ttk::frame $top.statusbar] -side bottom -fill x pack [ttk::sizegrip $top.statusbar.grip] -side right -anchor se

# Using grid:

grid [ttk::sizegrip $top.statusbar.grip]
-row $lastRow -column $lastColumn -sticky se # ... optional: add vertical scrollbar in $lastColumn, # ... optional: add horizontal scrollbar in $lastRow


If the containing toplevel’s position was specified relative to the right or bottom of the screen (e.g., [wm geometry ... wxh-x-y] instead of [wm geometry ... wxh+x+y]), the sizegrip widget will not resize the window.

ttk::sizegrip widgets only support southeast resizing.

See Also



widget, sizegrip, grow box

tile 0.8 sizegrip(n)

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