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ttk::progressbar - Provide progress feedback


ttk::progressbar pathName ?options?

Standard Options

-cursor -takefocus-style

See the options manual entry for details on the standard options.


Command-Line Name:-orient
Database Name: orient
Database Class: Orient

One of horizontal or vertical. Specifies the orientation of the progress bar.

Command-Line Name:-length
Database Name: length
Database Class: Length

Specifies the length of the long axis of the progress bar (width if horizontal, height if vertical).

Command-Line Name:-mode
Database Name: mode
Database Class: Mode

One of determinate or indeterminate.

Command-Line Name:-maximum
Database Name: maximum
Database Class: Maximum

A floating point number specifying the maximum -value. Defaults to 100.

Command-Line Name:-value
Database Name: value
Database Class: Value

The current value of the progress bar. In determinate mode, this represents the amount of work completed. In indeterminate mode, it is interpreted modulo -maximum; that is, the progress bar completes one cycle when the -value increases by -maximum.

Command-Line Name:-variable
Database Name: variable
Database Class: Variable

The name of a Tcl variable which is linked to the -value. If specified, the -value of the progress bar is automatically set to the value of the variable whenever the latter is modified.

Command-Line Name:-phase
Database Name: phase
Database Class: Phase

Read-only option. The widget periodically increments the value of this option whenever the -value is greater than 0 and, in determinate mode, less than -maximum. This option may be used by the current theme to provide additional animation effects. _________________________________________________________________


A progress bar widget shows the status of a long-running operation. They can operate in two modes: determinate mode shows the amount com-pleted relative to the total amount of work to be done, and indetermi-nate mode provides an animated display to let the user know that some-thing is happening.

Widget Command

pathName cget option
Returns the current value of the specified option; see wid-get(n).

pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...? Modify or query widget options; see widget(n).

pathName instate statespec ?script?
Test the widget state; see widget(n).

pathName start ?interval?
Begin autoincrement mode: schedules a recurring timer event that calls step every interval milliseconds. If omitted, interval defaults to 50 milliseconds (20 steps/second).

pathName state ?stateSpec?
Modify or query the widget state; see widget(n).

pathName step ?amount?
Increments the -value by amount. amount defaults to 1.0 if omitted.

pathName stop
Stop autoincrement mode: cancels any recurring timer event ini-tiated by pathName start.

See Also


tile 0.6 progressbar(n)

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