What's included in ActivePython

ActivePython enables you to start writing Python software quickly because it:

  • Is easy to install
  • Includes a fully compatible binary build of core Python
  • Includes core extensions
  • Includes a comprehensive set of documentation for beginner to advanced Python developers

Core extensions

  • Expat 2.2.9
  • Tcl/Tk version 8.5.18 and Tix version 8.6.9.
  • OpenSSL version
  • Sqlite3 version 3.28.0
  • Zlib version 1.2.11
  • BZip2 version 1.0.6
  • Lzma 5.2.4
  • Tix

Additional documentation in ActivePython

ActivePython includes a comprehensive set of documentation for both new and experienced Python programmers: