Command: languages

The languages command lists the languages in your project, and allows you to update the specified languages.

IMPORTANT: In order to build your project successfully, only one language can be specified.


To list the languages in your project:

state languages

To update a language:

state languages update <Language[@version]>

Use the Language argument to specify the language distribution the project should use. You must specify one of the following:

  • perl
  • python

You can also optionally specify the version to use by appending @version to the language with the specific version number you want to use. If you don’t specify a version, the latest available version for that language will be used.


A project using Python 3.6.6 can be updated to version 3.8.1 using the following command.

state languages update python@3.8.1

You could alternatively specify a Python 2 version:

state languages update python@2.7.14

If you want to use the latest version available, omit the version:

state languages update python

NOTE: If you want the latest Python 2 version available, you need to specify the latest version using the Language@version syntax.