Table Of Contents


teacup TEApot Repository Client
teapot TEApot Repository Server
teapot-admin TEApot Administrative Client
teapot-glossary TEApot Glossary of Terms
teapot-md TEApot Meta Data Specification
teapot-pkg TEApot Package Tool
teapot-trepo TEApot Transparent Repository Structure
teapot_activetcl TEApot ActiveTcl Integration
teapot_faq TEApot FAQ
teapot_intro TEApot Introduction


ActiveState's TEA Package Management currently consists of four applications, one of which, the client (aka TEAcup) is distributed here with ActiveTcl.

The applications for the creation, administration, and export of package repositories (TEApot's) are provided to developers as part of the Tcl Dev Kit.

The first documents which should be read are the

  • Introduction,
  • the Glossary of Terms,
  • the how and what of the ActiveTcl/TEApot integration,
  • and, maybe, the specification of the Metadata.