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xotcl/library/lib/package.xotcl xotcl/library/lib/package.xotcl

Package/File Information

No package provided/required

Defined Objects/Classes:
Filename: xotcl/library/lib/package.xotcl

Description: Represent Tcl package loading command by an XOTcl object. Enables tracking, tracing, and verbose output of package loading

Object: package

Class: Object
Procs present, verbose.
Description: Supports all Tcl package options plus present and verbose.


  • present args
    Arguments: args: packageName or -exact packageName
    Description: Check whether a package is present or not. Similar to Tcl's package present, but works with Tcl < 8.3
  • verbose v
    Arguments: v: 1 or 0
    Description: Toggle verbose output on/off. If on, package prints the locations from where packages are loaded to the screen. Default is off.

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