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widget_dateentry(n) 0.96 "Various megawidgets"


widget_dateentry - Date Entry Megawidget


  • package require Tcl 8.4
  • package require Tk 8.4
  • package require widget ?3.0?
  • package require widget::dateentry ?0.96?


This package provides a dateentry megawidget (snidget). It is based on an ttk::entry. All widget commands of the ttk::entry are available for the dateentry.

widget::dateentry pathname ?options?



A script to evaluate when a date was selected.


The format of the date that is returned. Default: %m/%d/%Y.


See the calendar man page.


Select the font used in the widget. It defaults to Helvetica 9.


See the calendar man page.


See the calendar man page.


See the calendar man page.


See the calendar man page.


Specifies the name of a variable whose value is linked to the entry widget's contents. Whenever the variable changes value, the widget's contents are updated, and vice versa.


pathname get Returns the selected date.


On creation of the dateentry widget the following bindings are installed. For navigation within the calendar, see its manpage.

  • Button-1 - Accept and select the date and close the calendar window.

  • Return, space - Accept the selected date and close the calendar window

  • Escape - Close calendar window

  • Control-space - Show calendar window


    package require widget::dateentry; # or widget::all
    set t [widget::dateentry .de]
    pack $t -fill x -expand 1

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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