TclXML 2.5 and TclDOM 2.5 for Windows

I have uploaded a build of the above two packages for Windows. They have been built using Tcl 8.4 but with stubs enabled so they should work with Tcl 8.3. These packages have been used to test TclSOAP 1.6.6. Get the zip file from tclxmldom25.zip.
md5sum: 76abda921e72afcfecc8a9f9d780b586 tclxmldom25.zip

TclSOAP depends heavily upon the underlying DOM implementation. Currently the only DOM implementation supported is the TclDOM package from the tclxml project. This code can be obtained by checking out the tcldom module from the tclxml project CVS server. For those who do not wish to, or cannot obtain the source I am providing pre-compiled TclDOM 2.0 dom::c modules for linux and win32. In each case the code is compatible with ActiveTcl for the relevant platform. Please note that these binary releases are not official tclxml project releases although they have been built from unmodified tcldom source code from a recent HEAD revision. They are however the versions currently in use by me for TclSOAP development.

  • TclDOM_C-2.0.tar.gz - the Linux version statically linked to expat.
    md5sum: db35fef853f230589b0171a91bf487cc TclDOM_C-2.0.tar.gz
  • TclDOM_C-2.0.zip - windows version compiled using MSVC 6.0.
    md5sum: 536b3575cb32e812b32df1a8081b3c2c TclDOM_C-2.0.zip

The packages should be installed somewhere in your Tcl auto_path. The simplest method is to unpack the archive in the Tcl lib subdirectory. Under Windows, that is probably \Program Files\Tcl\lib. To ensure that you are using this version of the DOM package you should execute the following commands in your tclsh shell checking that the output matches this example.

% package require dom
% info loaded
{/opt/tcl/lib/tcldom2.0/tcldom2.0.so Tcldom}              ;# Linux
{{c:\\Program Files\Tcl\lib\tcldom2.0\tcldom.dll} Tcldom} ;# Windows

Frink for Windows

Not everyone is able to get hold of a windows Frink executable so here is one

  • frink.exe - mimgw32 compiled windows console executable of Frink 2.1.5
    md5sum: 4273292d0ce6ba80d98e72f5d7a32e82 frink.exe

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