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ActivePython Release Notes

Table of Contents

Release History and Changes (2.7)

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: July--2014

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7.8 (release notes)

  • OpenSSL 1.0.1h

  • PyPM 1.4.3 - Suppress progress bar animation if redirecting to file (applib) - Upgrade to `setuptools-5.2

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    • Upgrade to six-1.7.2 (release notes)
    • Updated supported platform/versions: - Added version 3.4
    • Updated appdirs to 1.4.0dev
  • Upgraded the following packages: - pip: 1.5.6 - virtualenv: 1.11.6 - setuptools: 5.2

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 28-Feb-2014

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7.6

What's New in ActivePythonEE-

Release date: Oct-2013

  • [Linux] Build Python with -fPIC

What's New in ActivePythonEE-

Release date: Sep-2013

  • Based on

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 05-Sep-2013

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7.5 (release notes)
  • [MacOSX] ActivePython 2.7 for Mac now requires MacOSX 10.6 or higher.
  • Security upgrade to openssl-0.9.8y
  • Upgrade to bzip2-1.0.6
  • PyWin32 b218.3 (24 Mar, 2013)
  • PyPM 1.4.0:
    • Replace Distribute with setuptools-1.1
    • Upgrade SQLAlchemy to 0.6.8
    • sudo pypm .. should always use root user's BE license file
  • Upgraded the following packages:
    • pip-1.4.1
    • virtualenv-1.10.1

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 05-June-2011

New Features & Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7.2 (release notes)
  • Security upgrade to openssl-0.9.8r
  • [Windows] Upgrade to PyWin32 CVS snapshot as of 2011-01-16
  • Upgrade to pythonselect 1.3 which supports Windows
  • Upgrade to PyPM 1.3.4:
    • [Windows] Bug #89474: automatically expand %APPDATA%PythonScripts
    • Bug #90382: --no-ignore option to fail immediately for missing packages
  • Upgraded the following packages:
    • Distribute-0.6.19
    • pip-1.0.1
    • virtualenv-1.6.1

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • PyPM:
    • Upgrade to six 1.0.0
    • Bug #89540: uninstall command now properly removes symlinks
    • Bug #89648: shebang fixer skips symlinks
    • Include SQLAlchemy in the private area (pypm/external/{2,3}/sqlalchemy)

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 14-Feb-2011

New Features & Upgrades

  • Upgrade to PyPM 1.3.1:
    • Programmatic use via pypm.cmd(['install', 'foo'])
    • Support for postinstall and conditional user-notes
  • Upgraded the following packages:
    • SQLAlchemy-0.6.6

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • PyPM bug fixes:
    • Bug #88791: fail immediately for missing dependencies
    • Fix needless truncation of output when piping (eg: pypm list | less)
    • Respect download cache of *.pypm packages (don't redownload)

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 6-Dec-2010

New Features & Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7.1 (release notes)
  • Upgrade to Tcl/Tk 8.5.9 (changes)
  • Security upgrade to openssl-0.9.8q
  • [MacOSX] Tkinter now requires ActiveTcl 8.5 64-bit (not Apple's Tcl/Tk 8.5 on OSX)
  • Upgrade to PyPM 1.2.6; noteworthy changes:
    • New command 'pypm log' to view log entries for last operation
    • Faster startup (performance) especially on Windows.
    • Rewrite of an improved dependency algorithm (#88038)
    • install/uninstall now accepts the --nodeps option
    • 'pypm install <url>' to directly download and install a .pypm file
    • 'pypm show' improvements - 'pypm show' shows other installed packages depending on the shown package - 'pypm show' accepts --rdepends to show the list of dependents - 'pypm show' shows extra dependencies (for use in the 'install' cmd) - 'pypm show' lists all available versions in the repository - 'pypm freeze' to dump installed packages as requirements (like 'pip freeze')
    • Support for pip-stye requirements file ('pypm install -r requirements.txt')
  • Upgraded the following packages:
    • Distribute-0.6.14
    • pip-0.8.2
    • SQLAlchemy-0.6.5
    • virtualenv-1.5.1

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Bug #87951: Exclude PyPM install db to prevent overwriting user's database.
  • Bug #87600: create a idleX.Y script on unix
  • [Windows] Installer upgrade: automatically uninstall previous versions - Bug #87783
  • [Windows] Renamed "python27.exe" to "python2.7.exe" (Unix like)
  • [Windows] Include "python2.exe"
  • PyPM bug fixes:
    • Bug #88882: Fix pickle incompatability (sqlite) on Python 3.x
    • Bug #87764: 'pypm upgrade' will not error out for missing packages
    • Bug #87902: fix infinite loops with cyclic package dependencies (eg: plone)
    • Bug #88370: Handle file-overwrite conflicts (implement --force)

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 25-Aug-2010

New Features & Upgrades

  • Security upgrade to openssl-0.9.8o
  • Upgrade to PyPM 1.1.1; noteworthy changes:
    • Custom config file support w/ new repository settings (-R free,be instead of -L)
    • Support for installing a local package, eg: pypm install /path/to/foo.pypm
    • Bug #87687: Prevent partial downloading of repo index cache
  • Upgraded the following packages:
    • Distribute-0.6.14
    • pip-0.8
    • SQLAlchemy-0.6.3

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [MacOSX] Fix Help index on Snow Leopard (10.6) - Bug #87290
  • [Windows] Add file extension to Toolsscripts2to3.py - Bug #87465

What's New in ActivePython-

Release date: 07-Jul-2010

New Features & Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7 (release notes)
  • [MacOSX] 64-bit support; uses Tcl/Tk 8.5
  • [MacOSX] readline support via Apple's libedit library
  • Upgrade to PyPM 1.0.2
    • 'pypm search' now also shows if a package is installed and upgradeable
    • 'pypm info' now prints a concise representation by default
    • 'pypm list --short' will show only packages names; for scripting purposes

Noteworthy Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [MacOSX] Fix uninstall on Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • [Windows] Include IDLE in the Start Menu shortcut, instead of PythonWin

What's New in ActivePython-2.7.0c1.0

Release date: 10-Jun-2010

New Features & Upgrades

  • Include PyPM for Python 2.7
  • Upgrade to Python 2.7c1 (release notes)
  • Upgrade to sqlite 3.6.21

Known Issues

This section lists known issues with ActivePython and Python.


Mac OS X

  • ActivePython 2.5 does not include documentation (Bug #90508)


  • The hashlib module may not import on certain versions of RHEL and CentOS with SELinux enabled. See Bug #88464 for a workaround.