ActiveState::Version - Utility functions for version comparison


 use ActiveState::Version qw(vgt veq vcmp);
 my $x = "0.9.9_beta";
 my $y = "0.10";
 my $z = "0.1";
 print "$x is ", (vgt($x, y) ? "greater" : "less or equal"), "than $y.\n";
 print "$y and $z are ", (veq($y, $z) ? "" : " not "), "equal.\n";
 my @sorted = sort { vcmp($a, $b) } ($x, $y, $z);
 print "The newest version is $sorted[-1].\n";


Handy utilities for uniform version comparison across various ActiveState applications.

Provides vcmp, vge, vgt, vle, vlt, veq, all of which perform comparisons equivalent to the similarly named perl operators.

Also provides the vnumify function which turns any version string to a floating point number. For version strings that are gibberish it returns 0.