ActivePerl Components

ActivePerl Components


    ActivePerl includes all of the core binaries and modules you will need to write and run Perl scripts on your system.

    See the Perl page and the Perl Introduction page for more information.

Perl Package Manager (PPM)

    The Perl Package Manager (PPM) provides a command line interface for managing your Perl modules and extensions.

    PPM allows you to access package repositories and install new packages or update old ones you already have with relative ease.

    To launch PPM, type: ppm at the command prompt.

    See the Using PPM page for full instructions in the Perl Package Manager's use and capabilities.

Windows Components

Perl for ISAPI

    A plug-in designed to run Perl scripts faster on ISAPI compliant Web servers. Sometimes referred to as PerlIS. Requires ActivePerl and an ISAPI compliant Web server.

    See the Perl for ISAPI page for more information.


    An ActiveX scripting engine which works with any ActiveX scripting host, such as Windows Scripting Host, MS Internet Explorer 4.0+ or MS Internet Information Server 3.0+. Requires ActivePerl and an ActiveX scripting host.

    See the PerlScript page for more information.


    A Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) that allows you to embed a Perl interpreter under Windows.

    See the PerlEz page for more information.

 ActivePerl Components