Configuring email addresses

You can add or change the email addresses associated with your ActiveState Platform account.

For example, if you switch jobs you can maintain access to the Platform by setting your personal email or the email for your new job as your primary email for the Platform.

  1. Click the dropdown menu at the top right of the page that displays your username, and select Account Settings.

  2. Manage your email addresses in the Email Addresses panel:

    • To add an additional email, enter the email address and click Add.
    • To delete an email, click the Delete link on the same line as the email to remove.
    • To set an email as the primary email for your account, click the Set as Primary link on the same line as the email.

Email alerts and other correspondence will be sent to the primary email account. You can use any of the emails associated with your account as your username to log in to the ActiveState Platform.