ActiveState Perl and ActivePerl Extended Support

ActiveState offers extended support for current and older versions of ActivePerl. Maintained and supported versions of ActiveState Perl and ActivePerl qualify for a service-level agreement when included with our Enterprise tier offerings. Explore our licensing options for more details.

Support varies across platforms and operating systems, contact us for details.

All usage of ActiveState Perl or ActivePerl require commercial licensing. The table below outlines the level of support provided for each version.

Maintained & Supported

These versions have package and security updates to CVEs, which are provided on an ongoing basis. This is available with Enterprise licensing.

Installed Licensing Only

These versions have passed their End of Extended Support. Updates are no longer provided but usage of installed copies of the software requires licensing for continued use.

Perl VersionOpen Source Release DateStatusCommunity End-of-Life DateAnticipated End of Extended Support
5.387/2/2023Maintained & Supported 7/2/2026Q4-2028
5.365/27/2022Maintained & Supported 5/27/2025Q4-2027
5.345/20/2021Maintained & Supported 5/20/2024Q4-2026
5.326/20/2020Maintained & Supported 6/20/2023Q4-2025
5.286/22/2018Maintained & Supported 6/23/2021Q4-2024
5.265/30/2017Maintained & Supported 5/30/2020Q4-2024
5.245/8/2016Maintained & Supported -Q4-2023
5.226/1/2015Maintained & Supported -Q4-2023
5.205/27/2014Installed Licensing Only--
5.185/18/2013Installed Licensing Only--
5.165/20/2012Installed Licensing Only--
5.145/14/2011Installed Licensing Only--
5.124/12/2010Installed Licensing Only--
5.1012/18/2007Installed Licensing Only--
5.87/18/2002Installed Licensing Only--