Every ActiveState Platform project activated with the State Tool has an activestate.yaml file created that defines the project configuration. It defines basic, necessary information about the project and links your local code project directory with a particular Platform project and commit. You can also edit the project’s activestate.yaml file to configure and customize your development environment for the project.

There are four categories of parameters you can use to customize your activestate.yaml configuration:


The following code block is a list of the configuration settings you can use in your activestate.yaml file:

project: [URL of Platform project and commit]
  - name: [Name that identifies the constant]
    description: [Describes the usage of the constant]
    value: [The value associated with the constant]
  - name: [Name that identifies the script]
    description: [Describes the usage of the script]
    value: [The script or command to execute]
    language: [The language to use to execute the script]
  - name: activate
    value: [The script or command to execute]