The invite command allows you to invite users to an Organization.

Each user you invite will receive an email with a unique link that allows them to accept your invitation and access the data associated with your organization. If they are not already users of the ActiveState Platform they will need to create an account.

Note: You must be an owner of an organization to invite users.


state invite <email_list> --role <member|owner>

state invite <email_list> --org <org_name> --role <member|owner>

The email_list argument is a comma separated list with no spaces of email addresses to send the invite to.

By default the invites are for the organization associated with the project you are running the command from. You can use the --organization flag to explicitly specify the organization to invite users to.

Use the --role flag to specify the ActiveState Platform to assign the invited users to. If you do not specify the role flag, you will be prompted to select the role before the invites are sent.


The following command must be run from a State Tool project directory (i.e. a directory that has an activestate.yaml file for one of your projects).

state invite,, --organization xyz123 --role member