The init command enables you to create a new empty project on your local machine.

Once the project is created locally, use the push command to push your local changes to the ActiveState Platform so that you project is available in the Dashboard and to enable all project features, such as secrets.


state init <owner>/<project_name> <Language[@version]> [--path <path>]

The “owner” argument is your username or the organization name that the project belongs to.

Use the Language argument to specify the language distribution the project should use. You must specify one of the following:

  • perl
  • python3
  • python2

You can also optionally specify the version to use by appending @version to the language with the specific version number you want to use. If you don’t specify a version, the latest available version for that language will be used.

Use the --path flag to specify the local directory where the project will be created.


You can use the state init command followed by the state push command to create a new project on the ActiveState Platform.

state init jsmith/johnspython3.6 python3@3.6.6 --path C:\state_projects\mypython
cd C:\state_projects\mypython
state push