Detached State

This page describes a functionality that no longer exists in the State Tool. It only applies if you are using a State Tool of version 0.28 or earlier.

What is a Detached state?

A “detached state” is where the user has split from the project they were working on and are now making commits to their project anonymously, much like git’s detached state.

This effectively means that any changes made to the project are not saved to your project, allowing you to experiment.

How do I exit a Detached state?

Create a new project from your changes

  1. You can visit the URL displayed in the tool or in you activestate.yaml and convert your headless commit state into a project by:
    1. Copying the URL into your browser
    2. Click on “Convert my Runtime”
    3. Create a free ActiveState account (or login to your existing one)
    4. Copy the command into the prompt
      1. Example: state pull --set-project <owner/newprojectname>
    5. Run the command on your local terminal

Bring your changes back into your project

  1. If you already have an account and just forgot to login, you can integrate your project into an existing project
    1. Re-authenticate yourself using state auth
    2. state push <owner/existingprojectname> where you want to propagate your changes