ActiveState Desktop (Preview)

ActiveState Desktop is a new experimental desktop application that integrates
with the State Tool CLI and provides access to commonly used platform features.

ActiveState Desktop is installed when you install the State Tool, for instructions see Installing the State Tool

Using ActiveState Desktop

Currently ActiveState Desktop gives you quick access to common Platform pages as well as your locally checked out projects. When you open the ActiveState Desktop tray menu and pick a project from “Local Projects” it will activate a virtual environment for that project in your terminal.

Launching on Windows

To launch ActiveState Desktop on Windows search for “ActiveState Desktop” in the start menu.

Once launched it will live in your system tray.

Launching on macOS

To launch ActiveState Desktop on macOS search for “ActiveState Desktop” using LaunchPad or Spotlight Search.

Once launched it will live in your status bar (top right).

Launching on Linux

Every Linux distribution is different, but in most cases you should be able to search for installed applications. Simply search for “ActiveState Desktop”.

Since ActiveState Desktop is a tray application you will need to run a desktop manager with tray support.