Initializing a project and downloading your runtime

You can create a new ActiveState project directly from your command line by entering

state init <orgname>/<projectname> --language <language@version>

For example state init jsmith/python-3.10 --language python@3.10

Your project will be automatically synced with your Platform account.

To download your runtime from the ActiveState Platform to a location on your local machine, enter the following command

state checkout <orgname>/<projectname> --runtime-path <location of folder>

For example state checkout jsmith/python-3.10 -runtime-path C:python

After checking out your project from the Platform to your local machine

To create a virtual environment for your project enter

state shell <orgname>/<projectname>

To set your runtime as your user default, enter

state use <orgname>/<projectname>

More information on how to download your runtime to your local machine can be found here.